Monterrey White Oak, Mexican White Oak

Quercus polymorpha

The Monterrey oak is semi-evergreen – retains its leaves through the winter but drop them all in the spring for a 2-6 week period. This tree has a more upright shape than live oak and is a great landscape choice. As Monterrey Oaks age, their smooth, light gray bark turns dark gray to black with deep fissures. The leaves on a Monterrey Oak are 4 – 5 inches long with smooth edges and the surface has a very leathery texture.

Plant Habit or Use: medium tree
Exposure: sun
Fruit Characteristics: acorns
Height: up to 45 ft.
Width: up to 30 ft.
Heat Tolerance: high
Water Requirements: low
Soil Requirements: adaptable to many different soil types
USDA Hardiness Zone: 8